The Belgian Buckler Symposium

Charity Edition. Tvv Kinder Kanker Fonds

Date: 17.12.2022

An event dedicated to sword and buckler fencing. We offer 3 seminars, time for free play and open discussions. We hope to meet you (again)!!!!

Experience: All are welcome. Non-experienced, beginner, intermediate, advanced,...


9.00 "mise-en-place" for organisation and volentiers

9.30 doors

10.00: free play+ warming up+ meet and greet+ basic free flow exercises.

10.30 seminar I

12.00 lunch (bring your own lunch) there are a few places where you can buy food in the neighborhood. 

13.00 seminar II

14.30 seminar III

16.00 free play, sparring drills/exercises and open discussions

+/-17.00 end of the event

Seminars :

Oskar ter Mors: Leckuchner Messer/ Single Arming sword.

Sean Wauters: Liechtenauer Sword and Buckler
Oskar & Sean: Comparison between Single Arming sword Single Messer, Sword and Buckler and Messer and Buckler


Freeplay and discussion time:

After the seminars we offer time and space for freeplay and discussion in/about both fencing styles to put the learned material in practice or to do whatever you want. We will be offering a number of sparring exercises and drills for those who want to target a specific problem or issue.

Price: 30 euros

Banc account: Be73 7340 3812 6160

note: BBS 2022, <Last name>, <First name>

Support us: If you can not attend but wish to support our

action you can support financially

Profits: All profits go to Kinder kanker fonds (Belgian Children Cancer Fund.

Location: Meiskensbeekstraat 2, 1851 Humbeek, Belguim